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New Demo Reel!

2014-06-07 17:59:42 by Tonash

Character Demo Reel 2014.


Music by Peter Satera/Jacob Cadmus

NGVA Contest 11 Entry Uploaded!

2013-11-14 15:47:21 by Tonash

Many hours of sweat and tears has brought about this great production for the Newgrounds Voice Acting Contest!

First Deep One Sighting
Official Title "Of Stone and Sky"

All voices in this piece are mine, all SFX come from the listed location and the music is by the extremely talented PeterSatera.

The story and script are also my original creation.
Here is my original script, in the event that you'd like to have the words to go along with the audio:

The screen is black. Half of a man’s chiseled face is shown. He opens his eyes.
[LORD RYKER]: “The light of the sun is no more. (pause) It happened more than a hundred years ago and now the surface of our world is nothing more than a frozen wasteland. Humanity was on the brink of extinction as the world we once knew arrived at its icy end.
A child’s voice brings the visual to reality as Ryker stands in his home, his son in the other seat of the table.
[MATTHIAS]: “But why did the sun go away papa?”
[LR]: “No one knows, little cub; but we would have died out there along with the rest of the world were it not for the intervention of the dwarves. (pause) They had made the depths of the world their home and when the skies went black and the surface began to shrivel and die, they shared that home with us. (Pause) In return for sheltering us in their home, humanity was required to lend its aid in the dwarves’ struggle against their most hated foes: The Deep Ones…
[M]: “What’s a Deep One?”
[GIMBLE]: “They’re monstrous critters o’ endless hate an’ nasty teeth, they are! Hope they all rot in the darkness!”
[LR]: “Easy Gimble, my old friend, you’ll frighten the boy.”
[G]: “Sorry milord; easy ta get worked up. It’s mah favorite part when ya tell how we whipped ‘em, hehe.”
[LR]: “Our ancestors of course accepted the offer as we had nowhere left to turn. The battles raged for three years, taking thousands upon thousands of lives; but, in the end, we were victorious. We pushed the Deep Ones back into the Great Dark and there they have remained ever since.”
[M]: “Wow…”
[G]: “That’s right lad! Your people an’ mine fought back the darkness and worked together to make a new world!”
[LR]: “It is how our ancestors helped build this city and made it flourish. (Pause) The city… of Deepanvil. Look upon it well, my son, for someday you may govern in my stead.”
Explosions are heard and smoke rises in the distance as screams begin to echo in the caverns.
[LR]: “No… What’s happening…”
The door suddenly swings open and the dwarven general, Longbeard rushes through.
[GENERAL LONGBEARD]: “Lord Ryker! The Deep Ones have returned!”
[LR & G]: “What!?”
[LR]: “How is this possible?!”
[GL]: “They came from the depths without warning! Our outposts were destroyed before we even knew they were there! They’ve brought everything they have to bear against us!
[G]: “Are we holding? Can we at least fight back!? My axe hungers for Deep Ones!
[LR]: “Gimble is right, General Longbeard. Is there anything we can do to save the city!? There has to be a way!”
[GL]: “They’ve already swarmed the outer defenses! They’ve got a Lost One leading them through!”
A deep guttural evil voice echoes throughout the entire city.
[GL]: “You and your son must get out of the city as quickly as possible. The other refugees are already heading for the bridge of Karak-Sur. I must return to my men! We must ensure the other kingdoms know of this invasion!”
[LR]: “Stonemother guide you, General. ”
[GL]: “You as well, milord.”
With a parting salute, the general departs.
[G]: “Don’t worry, Ryker, I’ve got yer back.”
[LR]: “Thank you, old friend.
[LR]: “Come on son, you get to ride on daddy’s shoulders just like when you were younger…”
[M]: “O-Okay…”
[G]: “It’ll be aright laddie, we’ll make sure we get ta the bridge safe an’ sound.”
They rush off, various screams and explosions are heard as they bound through the alleyways and reach the bridge.
[SOLDIER]: “They’ve breached the eastern gates!”
Ryker looks to the garrison above the bridge for a moment before lifting his son from his shoulders and turns to Gimble.
[LR]: “There’s no other option, we have to use the bridge’s failsafe to seal the route behind the refugees.”
[G]: “Lord Ryker, the failsafe is—“
[LR]: “I know! I… know it’s a one way trip. Please, take my son and make for Goldreach… the other kingdoms *must* know of the invasion.”
[G]: “I… Ugh… Fine ya damned stubborn ass… “
[LR]: “Thank you, my friend…”
[M]: “…Papa?”
[LR]: “Papa has to go now, little cub. Gimble will look after you, be strong and take care of him for me, okay?”
[M]: “No! I want to stay with you!”
[G]: “C’mon lad— Time ta go.”
Gimble hoists the boy over his shoulder and starts sprinting across the bridge.
[M]: “PAPA!”
Lord Ryker’s face is saddened as he turns about, making his way to the failsafe’s access point.
[LR]: “Come on, come on… Almost got it…”
[LR]: “Gods why did they make this so difficult…”
A massive crash is heard as the Lost One tears through the main defenses and confronts Ryker.
[LR]: “Just in time.”
A loud click is heard as the thundering stampede of the Lost One closes in on Ryker. Massive explosion occurs and an avalanche falls from the ceiling and collapses on both.
[LR]: “Goodbye my son.”
The camera goes dim and we are returned to a black background where Matthias now stares forward, saying a few words.
[M]: “That was the last time I ever saw my father… and the first time I saw the Deep Ones. “
[M]: “We made it to Goldreach and warned the other kingdoms about the oncoming attacks. They will never win, and my father’s sacrifice will not have been in vain.”

NGVA Contest 11 Entry Uploaded!

NEW Demo Reel!

2013-11-03 17:34:04 by Tonash


Demo Reel 2013!

Wanted to rebuild my old demo reel from the ground up. So, trashed my old mic, got a sweet new set up and pop filter and now we're cookin' with gas! I'm usually available for voice overs at any time, so hit me up if you've got a project you need one of my many voices for!

New Direction!

2013-08-12 10:08:53 by Tonash

Hello there!

I think it's time for a re-introduction now that I intend to be an active community member. I've been on Newgrounds for ages, and out of college for a good two years now, but I have yet to get into the games/digital art industry. I'm here today to offer up my services in hopes of joining/creating a collaboration and building up my portfolio. It has been extraordinarily difficult to enter into the field, as my two greatest strengths in my career are completely useless for someone who just wants to get their foot in the door: Versatility and Originality.

What I mean by that is that for the past two years, I've been turned down very many times due to the fact that while I may have talent in several areas, companies look to fill their positions with someone who is specialized specifically for that position. So, when I say I'm a writer, voice actor and animator, they pretty much just smile and say we're sorry, we've found someone who better suits our needs.

As far as the originality goes, I've designed and written the core concepts for 2 mobile/flash games as well as the groundwork for a major AAA title and/or video series that has not been seen before; but, as one of the company's that I've applied to recently has informed me:
...with applying to companies I would avoid saying you have game ideas of your own you want to make. Companies get that a lot and its generally viewed negatively. Most companies aren't looking to hire people for game ideas - they already have games they are working on and are looking for people for the implementation, not for ideas. This is especially the case for indie companies which must operate on short staff - they can't dedicate a role just to design.

So, with that said, I'm here Newgrounds! I'm here to try and work with other prospective developers to create some great productions that we can all benefit from; whether it's my own intellectual property or someone else's that I can help flesh out. Please contact me if you need assistance creating scripts/concepts or voice acting, or if you just want to discuss ideas! I'll be checking the forums regularly from now on and hope to hear from you soon!



New Website

2013-02-20 08:21:52 by Tonash

Thrilled to announce a website I can actually be proud of for once.

If there's anyone out there looking for a writer, voice actor, concept designer or 3D artist, I'm available and willing to talk.


New Voice Actor Looking for Work!

2010-09-09 11:54:17 by Tonash

Voice Actor Looking for Work
: NG Username: Tonash
: Please Credit As: Ashton Howard (Tonash)
: Voice Sample(s):
: /355163
: (This sample is primarily a reading done in monologue form of a pre-existing character. It does not represent my vocal range)
: Experience: While I have not appeared in any NG flashes, I do all my own voice work for college projects as well as several small stage acting events in the past and numerous narrations.
: Range: I have a relatively vast range for my vocals. I am capable of performing at my best for characters that have deep voices, though I also can adapt to falsetto to an extent. Female (believable) voices are beyond my scope. I can also handle the following accents: Southern (American), Australian, British, Scottish, Eastern European, Russian
: Contact Information: Please PM me over Newgrounds OR look me up on Skype (my screenname is ash_ward2) and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include who you are and why you are trying to contact me, otherwise I will assume it is spam and remove it.